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Romans 11 -The Future of Israel – God did not reject His people

Paul uses 5 witnesses to demonstrate God’s plan for the future of Israel

  1. Paul (11:1)
    1. Paul from the tribe of Benjamin
    2. Paul conversion was mentioned 3 times in Acts (Ch 9,22,26)
    3. Israel will be saved like Paul – they will see Jesus, repent and believe (Zech 14:4, Acts 1:11, Rev 1:7)
    4. Zechariah 12:10-13:1 – talks about how Israel will be saved
  2. Prophet Elijah (11:2-10)
    1. Elijah’s story – 1 King 19
    2. Thought he was the only faithful Jew left, God’s told him there were 7000 more (1 King 19:18).
    3. Only the remnant will be saved (Rom 9:27, Isaiah 10:22-23)
    4. saved by grace, not works (v6) just like Abraham (Rom 4:1-5). Israelites were trying to get saved works (Rom 9:30-33)
    5. the rest of the Israelites were hardened, just like Pharaoh’s (v7).
    6. v8 – eyes could not see, ears could not hear – from Isaiah 29:10 and Deu 29:4
    7. v 9 – 10 – quoted from Ps 69:22-23
      • table become a snare and a trap – blessings turn into burdens and judgement
  3. Gentiles (11:11-15)
    1. Israel tragedies – they fall (v11),they loss (v12), they were rejected (v15)
    2. Because Israel failed, salvation came to Gentiles (v12, see Acts 13:46)
    3. God promised Gentiles would be saved (Rom 9:25-26), He kept His promise. God will also keep His promise to the Isralites
    4. One day Israel will experience “fullness” (v12) and “acceptance” (v15)
  4. Patriarchs (11:16-24)
      • Dough (v16)
        • From Num 15:17-21
        • God accepted the founders of Israel – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in spite of their sins, God must accept the rest of the batch
      • Olive Tree
        • Olive tree is a symbol of naton of Israel (Jer 11:16-17)
        • Branches broken off – unbelieving Jews (v17)
        • wild olive shoot (Gentiles) grafted into the tree to share the life of the tree. Grafted in is not natural (v24)
        • Usually it is a cultivated branch is grafted into a wild tree
        • We gentiles must not boast (v18-21), otherwise gentiles will be cut off, and Jews will be grafted into their own alive tree (v24)
  5. God (11:25-36)
    1. God’s timing
      • Israel will be saved and experience fullness (v12) when the full number of Gentiles has come in (v25)
      • “until” in NT (Matt 23:39,Luke 21:24, Ps 110:1) – in end times Israel will be saved
    2. God’s promise (v26)
      • Quoted from Isaiah 59:20-21
      • All Israel who is alive when Jesus 2nd coming will be save
      • More on this topic pls read Isiah 60, Zechariah 12-13
    3. God’s covenant (v27-28)
      • Although Israelites are enemies of the Gospel, God will not break His covenant with their patriarchs.
    4. God’s nature
      • God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable (v29)
      • God’s unchanging nature (Mal 3:6)
      • The lack of faith of men do not change God’s faithfulness (Rom 3:3)
    5. God’s grace (v30-32)
      • God has mercy on disobedience gentiles, God will has mercy on disobedience Jews
    6. God’s wisdom (v33-36)
      • Paul quoted Isaih 40:13 and Job 41:11 to end Roman 8 with praises – He praised God for His wisdom, knowledge, judgments and mind. To God be the glory forever! Amen

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