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Romans 10 – Israel of Present


Chapter 1 – 8: God’s perfect salvation plan for man
Chapter 9 – 11: God’s plan for Israel

  •     Chapter 9 – Israel of Past
  •     Chapter 10 – Israel of Present
  •     Chapter 11 – Israel of Future

Chapter 12 – 16: Life of Christians

Chapter 10 – Israel’s Present Rejection

Paul moved from God’s sovereignty in chapter 9 to human responsibility in chapter 10.

Reasons for Israel’s Rejection

  • They did not feel a need for salvation (v1)
    • Israel is looking for the messiah that can save them from Rome, not from their sins
  • They were zealous for God (v2)
    • Ever since returning from Babylonian Captivity, the Jews have been practicing the Laws and worship only God. So in their mind, they think by their own righteousness they can be saved.
    • They have a zeal for God, but according to the truth (v2)
  • They were proud and self-righteous (v3)
    • They seeks their own righteousness, not God’s righteousness
    • But Rom 3:20 tells us that by the works of the Law no flesh will be justified in God’s sight
    • Only by believing in Jesus, we can satisfied God’s righteousness (v4, Jesus is the end of the law for righteousness)
  • They misunderstood their own Law (v4-13)
    • The law is the tutor that lead us to Christ (Gal 3:24)
    • Jews observed the laws but rejected the Messiah.
    • Believers are no longer under law but under grace (Rom 6:14)
    • The requirement of law is fulfilled in believers who walk according to the Holy Spirit (Rom 8:4)
    • Paul quoted Moses, Isiah and Joel
      • Moses
        • Lev 18:5 (Rom 10:5) – Although the Jews observed the law, they only do it outwardly. God is however is looking into their heart (Deut 6:6)
        • Deut 30:12-14 (Rom 10:6, 8) – The “word” is the Gospel of Jesus Christ – the word of faith. We don’t need to go to heaven or abyss to find salvation, it is accessible to all us.
      • Isiah
        • Isiah 28:16 (Rom 9:33, 10:11) – Salvation is by believing – by faith
      • Joel
        • Joel 2:32 (Rom 10:13) – no different in condemnation (Rom 3:20-23), no different in salvation

The Remedy of their Rejection (v14-17)

  • Paul quoted Isiah 52:7 and Nahum 1:15 (Rom 10:15)
    • Isiah 52:7 – Future – Return of Christ
    • Nahum 1:15 – Past – Destruction of Assyrian Empire (Nineveh)
    • Rom 10:15 – Present – Jews redemy of their rejection is in hearing the Word of the Gospel and believing in Jesus Chris
  • Paul quoted Isiah 53:1 (Rom 10:16)
    • also quoted by John 12:37-41
  • v14-15 is God’s calling to send out missionary to reach the unsaved – both Jews, and gentiles

The Results of their Rejection

Three results, three OT quotes

  • Israel is guilty (v18)
    • Ps 19:4 (Rom 10:18)
      • Ps 19:1-6 God reveals Himself in creation
      • Ps 19:7-11 God reveals Himself in His word
    • Israel has the history and words from God, but they chose not to believe
  • The message goes to the Gentiles (v19-20)
    • Deut 32:21
    • First Jews, then gentiles (review Jesus ministry, Acts. Rom 1:16, 2:9, 10)
  • God still yearns over His people (v21)
    • Isiah 65:2

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