Romans 9 – God’s Words do not fail


Romans 12- 16 : (Application of Christian life)

Romans 9 – 11 : Israel as a way to answer questions raised from  Romans 1- 8

Question: Did God’s words fail?

Paul brings up issue of Jews being cut off from Christ. (v3),

But what about God’s promise to Israel: (v4), Jer 31:33

  • Adoption as sons,Divine glory,Covenants,Law,Temple worship,promises

Answer: God’s words did NOT fail. (v6)

Man failed when we did not see the fullness of God’s words.

Promise vs Not of the Promise

  • Isaac was a child of promise, but Ishmael and the rest of the siblings are not. (v6-7;Gen 17; Genesis 25: 1-2)
  • We are not “natural children” of Abraham.
  • We who believe in Christ are children of a promise also.( John 1:12, Rom 11:11-21)

God’s election ( God’s will vs. Human Will)

  • God’s choice is not based on what a person does.(v11)
    • Illustrated by Jacob and Esau
      • Jacob vs Esau –
        • Esau was eldest, and should receive blessing
        • Jacob desired what Esau was willing to give away
      • God sees inside the heart of man
    • Illustrated by Christ dying on the cross
      • Christ died on the cross while we were still sinners (Rom 5:8)
  • God is sovereign
    • Israel was chosen not because they were great – Deut7:7-8
    • We humans cannot complain against God (v20)
    • God’s will always superior to man’s
    • Pharaoh as an example (v17-18, Ex 9:16)
      • Pharaoh’s hardened heart showed more of God’s glory
    • God allows object of wrath to show mercy (v22-23)
      • Through sin, we see God’s power and glory manifested as he is victorious over sin.
    • God allows evil if it means that it serves his purpose (Gen 50:20)
      • God does NOT do evil, he allows evil to occur
        • Also, God intends for evil to occur, nothing is beyond his control. (Rom 8:28)
  • God elected before the creation of the world. (Eph 1:4, 2:10, Jude 4)


  • God promises us that if we believe we become his children
  • God is sovereign
  • God allows evil but God does not do evil
  • God cannot be blamed for the failures of man (James 1:13-14)
  • God made this promise before creation

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